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Re: Conserver 7.2.7 using Cyclades terminal servers with SSH

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Tue, 26 Apr 2005 10:20:33 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 09:59:17AM -0700, Greg Brown wrote:
> 1) How will Conserver connect to each port on a terminal server using SSH?  
> Does all traffic stay on TCP port 22?  (There is a firewall between the 2 
> networks.)  I will be glad to Read The Fine Manual, if someone would point 
> out the location of this info.

conserver can interact via ssh by invoking the ssh command as it's
method of talking to the console (instead of creating a direct tcp
connection on a port - normally 23).  in this case, whatever the ssh
command does determines the traffic (so, port 22 by default).

> 2) If I decide to upgrade to the current Conserver release, is there a 
> conversion script, or a methodology for converting the existing 
> conserver.cf and conserver.passwd files to the new version?

yep, there's a conserver/convert program that gets built that you can
point at your conserver.cf file.  the conserver.passwd file is a little
more straighforward and left to you.  look for references to 'convert'
in the INSTALL file for more details/instructions.

there's also a conserver.cf/samples directory with random examples of
things i pulled out of my head.  those could definately come in handy.

> 3) I may decide to bring up a new Conserver host on Linux, Fedora Core 3 or 
> ES4, rather than try upgrade on the current HP/UX 10.20 server, or to find 
> an HP/UX 11.x box, or run it on a Sun Solaris server.  Is there anyone out 
> there with strong feelings about which OS is best for Conserver and whether 
> Linux is adequate?  (HP/UX 10.20 on 64-bit architecture has been working 
> well for me.)

i don't have any strong feelings, but i can tell you that i was
developing conserver under fedora core (2, at the time) and currently
have 3 installed - but haven't done anything with it.  all my real
development work has been under solaris.  personally, i'd go with fedora
core over ES4, but that's 'cause i'm cheap.  ;-)  and i like the
features of the latest code, as opposed to the "stable" (ehmmm) system.

but, honestly, any system should be fine. just realize you'll have a
handful of conserver processes and then N ssh commands (wrapped in a
shell), so memory use (and possibly some cpu crunching depending on ssh
overhead) will be things to watch out for.