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More break help needed

Pete Geenhuizen pgeenhuizen@carolina.rr.com
Tue, 18 May 2004 07:00:54 -0700 (PDT)

OK so call me stupid, but I sure am having problems with break sequences,
I'm now 2 for 2.

Perhaps if I understood the break sequence syntax I might be able to
figure this out.

I've poked around some but haven't found anything about the syntax, how do
you figure out what to send?

For example in the config file the sun-std sequence is "\z" what does that
men in simple english?  I guess it equates to send brk.

I'm now working on the alternate break sequence, so what does "\r\d~\d^b"
mean I surmise <return>~<CTRL>B, but what means what?

When I send the alternate break sequence I get
[halt sent]
# ^B
but the server continues to run.  If I change the sequence back to default
the standard break sequence works just fine.

FWIW This is Solaris 8 on a 4500 using a Cisco 2600 32 port terminal server.

As always any guidance/help will be greatly appreciated.
"Unencumbered by the thought process"
--1992-2000 Click and Clack presidential campaign slogan