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Re: configure help ??

Bill Sommerfeld sommerfeld@east.sun.com
Wed, 18 Feb 2004 13:11:54 -0800 (PST)

> since i haven't gotten to tinker with an alom-based system or a b1600, i
> took a quick look and the docs for the b1600 and they say you can access
> the consoles of the blades via ports 2300-2315.  looks like you still
> have to log in, so the chat script would be useful, but it might be
> easier than the 'console -f sN' method and integrating that into an
> initcmd script.

Somehow I missed that in my skim through the docs.. d'oh.

> > The main part of it is to add an "initsubst" akin to execsubst,
> > allowing parameters to the initcmd.
> interesting idea...i now understand how clustered/embedded systems could use
> something like that.

> something that may help...you can set portbase to -1 and portinc to 1,
> which would allow you to use ports 1-16 in the conserver.cf file and it
> would calculate 0-15 for substitutions (i was originally thinking of
> device files /dev/ttyC0 through /dev/ttyC7, etc).  not perfect, but a
> possibility.

This is only really "safe" if the end users never see the alternate
1..16 numbering.  (if folks have to operate simultaneously in 0-based
and 1-based numbering space, i can see unfortunate accidents because,
among other things, the system controller lets you power cycle

What I'm doing for now is to map 16 to 0, and 17 and 18 to
the switch consoles..