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Re: configure help ??

Bill Sommerfeld sommerfeld@east.sun.com
Wed, 18 Feb 2004 12:19:19 -0800 (PST)

if this is one of the ALOM-based systems (V210/V240/V440/etc.), try
something like:

default alom { type host; portbase 22; initcmd /usr/local/bin/alom-chat; }
console v440-sc { include alom; host v440-sc; port 1;  }
access * {
with the following in /usr/local/bin/alom-chat:
#! /usr/bin/sh
/usr/local/bin/chat -t 4 -I     "gin: " "USER" \
                        "word:" "PASSWORD" \
                        "sc>" "console -f" \
                        "return to ALOM-y-return to ALOM" "\c"
(with /usr/local/bin/chat built from conserver-8.8.1/contrib/chat).

On a vaguely related note I've got some hacks-in-progess to deal with
the b1600's system controller -- it wants you to connect, log in, and
utter "console -f sN" to get to the console of blade N.  

The main part of it is to add an "initsubst" akin to execsubst,
allowing parameters to the initcmd.

A couple things have made this messy:
	- b1600 blades are numbered 0..15, while conserver thinks
	physical terminal server ports always start at 1
	- a portinc of 0 is expressly disallowed 

					- Bill