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New to Conserver

George Lenzer George.Lenzer@cpl.org
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 13:38:27 -0800 (PST)

Hopefully I am posting in the right place.  My organization has run into
a situation where we are looking for an alternative to the DEC
Polycenter product to monitor consoles with our DEC 90Ms.  From what I
gather, it looks as if Conserver may be the answer.  I've downloaded the
source code and compiled it (on a Linux x86 box) and successfully ran
the 'make test'.  I also copied the sample conserver.cf file to
/usr/local/etc and edited it to reflect the terminal server we'd like to
monitor.  However, I am a little confused about how conserver actually
gets configured to talk to the DEC 90M.  Here is what I have in my
conserver.cf file for out terminal server (90aut1  on

console 90aut1 {
        master localhost;
        type host;
        port 1;

I was unsure of what context the 'port' option was meant.  Is it the
physical port on the 90M, or a TCP port that the 90M should be
configured for?

Has anyone else had experience using DEC 90Ms?  And... if this isn't the
right place to ask, where should I ask.  Alas, Google searches haven't
turned up much that is useful in regard to terminal servers like the
90M.  We aren't interested in going to multiple serial ports.