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Sending a break to a Solaris client

Richard Zinar Richard.Zinar@overture.com
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 12:07:38 -0800 (PST)

I've just started using conserver (V7.2.6).  Most of our hosts are
Solaris boxes connected to a WTI console server (CMS-16 model).
The conserver.cf file resembles the following:

holmium   :|telnet wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net 2103::&.log::1
lithium   :|telnet wti3.admin.sc.p4pnet.net  2109::&.log::1
radon     :|telnet wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net 2104::&.log::1
allow:  p4pnet.net
I can successfully connect to a console, but when I send
a break using "CTRL-e c l 0", it's ignored (though I do
see a "halt sent" message).  I tried setting the break field
to "2", which some postings suggested was an alternate
break sequence for Solaris, but that doesn't work either.
Nothing been's done on the Solaris side to disable breaks .
Am I overlooking something obvious.  Thanks ...