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Re: Solarus 8/9 Sparc Questions

Steve Dimoff steve@kinetworks.com
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 06:49:54 -0800 (PST)

Solaris now has the file /etc/default/kbd file where you can turn off the break from the console server.

"KEYBOARD_ABORT affects the default behavior of the keyboard abort
 sequence, see kbd(1) for details.  The default value is "enable". The
 optional values are "disable" or "alternate". Any other value is ignored.
 If you choose "alternate" it will affect the serial console drivers  ONLY.
 The keyboard BREAK (sequence and plug/unplug) won't be affected by this.
 If "alternate" is in effect any protocol (PPP, SLIP... etc) should not be
 run over the serial console port."

You can make your changes and reboot the box, or make the changes and then run "kbd -a alternate" from command line.

This is support by default for Solaris 8/9, for 2.6 & 7 you need to install the patches; 105924-10 and 107589-02.




Mike Daigle wrote:
The only solution which I have found that gives satisfactory
results is the Nudata(TM) Non Aborting Serial Port Adaptor.  This
is a little black box that cost about $90. It has smarts onboard
and allows the BREAKs to be sent from a terminal or terminal
server port. But it monitors the DTR line, if it drops then the
box blocks all input, thus if a terminal server sends breaks at
power down they are blocked when DTR drops first. There is a
timing issue here but it seems to work, I suspect they have a
transmission delay built in to catch the fault before the BREAK is
sent but I don't know this for sure.

The beauty of it is that we can still use BREAK to halt the system
if we want. If the terminal server looses power all our Sun's
DON'T halt. It would also cover off any problems of the line being
cut and looking like a break as long as DTR is cut at the same

The only down side is the price tag.

"John R. Jackson" wrote:
Can someone tell me if Solaris 8 and 9 still goes into the boot monitor
when a break is sent across the serial line?
Yes, it does.  And what a major pain in the ass that is.

This "feature" has been discussed on this list before, but I don't recall
seeing a viable solution.

John R. Jackson, Technical Software Specialist, ITaP/RCS, jrj@purdue.edu
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