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Re: How to tell Sun keyboard console from serial console?

Michael Dolan mtdolan@twinight.org
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 16:18:08 -0800 (PST)

As long as the kbd was not attached at time of power-on, then console is
not the framebuffer. If a kbd was attached at power and a /dev/fb exists,
console will be framebuffer unless eeprom is set specifically to ttya (or rsc).

Although its probably logged somewhere, the info in that logfile might be
stale or overwritten. You can determine if the console is the framebuffer
or not with:  "prtconf -F".

Excerpt from manpage:

     -F    (SPARC only). Returns the device path name of the con-
           sole frame buffer, if one exists. If there is no frame
           buffer, prtconf returns a  non-zero  exit  code.  This
           flag  must be used by itself. It returns only the name
           of the console, frame buffer device or a non-zero exit
           code.  For  example,  if the console frame buffer on a
           SPARCstation 1 is cgthree in SBus slot #3, the command
           returns:  /sbus@1,f80000000/cgthree@3,0.  This  option
           could be used to create a symlink for /dev/fb  to  the
           actual console device.


:Ultra80 workstation (kbd/fb attached)

ultra80(2)% prtconf -F

:Ultra5 "server". No kbd but has onboard PGX.

ultra5(1)% prtconf -F
Console output device is not a frame buffer


netra-t1-105(1)% prtconf -F
Console output device is not a frame buffer