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Port aliases

Daniel Hanks hanksdc@about-inc.com
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 09:49:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hi there,

Just found conserver yesterday, have it built and running. It's fabulous so far, but I have just run into one issue. I'm using conserver to serve up serial console sessions from our console host. I have found that I run into problems however, if I have more than two lines in conserver.cf that correspond to the same serial port. For example, if I have the following:


Trying to make a serial connection to this host via conserver results in lines like this going to the log:

[Fri Apr 18 09:29:35 2003] conserver (30590): ERROR: [host1] lost carrier (/dev/ttyD003)
[Fri Apr 18 09:29:35 2003] conserver (30590): [host1] automatic reinitialization

Is having more than one line corresponding to a port possible?

Thanks for any input.

-- Dan
   Daniel Hanks - Systems/Database Administrator
   About Inc., Web Services Division