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conserver 7.2.3 and LISA 2002

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 15:05:46 -0700 (PDT)

First, I'd like to say there are quite an array of changes going into
7.2.3.  Bug fixes (like the fixes for duplicate console names and bad
conditionals in the code) and new features (PAM support [basic tests
done on Solaris 8 and RedHat Linux 7.2] and the new -F option) are
exciting to me.  I hope folks enjoy the new version.  As always, if you
find problems, please let me know.

Second, I wanted folks to know that I'm planning on being at the LISA
conference this year (Nov 3-8, http://www.usenix.org/events/lisa02/).
Well, one part, anyway.  Specifically, there are plans of having a
conserver BOF (like two years ago), and I'm planning on being there (a
lot of great things came out of the BOF and went into the code last
time).  If you're either going to the conference or just in the
neighborhood (Philadelphia), it would be a blast to see you there!
I'll be more than happy to talk about conserver or my current
occupation of traveling full-time out of a backpack (tips on places to
visit throughout the world greatly appreciated - and if you have
pictures, even better).  I'll give you one guess as to why I'm not
attending the rest of the conference.  ;-)

As always, to wrap up, here's the complete list of changes...

version 7.2.3 (Sep 23, 2002):
        - checking for duplicate console names got lost in the major
          7.2.0 rewrite of that code.  it's back now, with a couple of
          other edge-case fixes i noticed while scanning the code -
          reported by Dave Stuit <djs@tellme.com>
        - added --with-pam and PAM authentication support - suggested
          by Stu May <jsmay@wasteofbits.com>
        - added -F server option to prevent automatic reinitialization
          of failed consoles ('|' syntax consoles which exit with a
          zero status are still reinitialized) - requested by William P
          LePera <lepera@us.ibm.com> and Malcolm Gibbs
        - successful automatic reinitialization of consoles now attaches
          a client that wants read-write mode
        - added read-only client wish to become read-write in -i output
        - moved to autoconf-2.54 and fixed some small configure.in bugs
    Many thanks to John R. Jackson <jrj@purdue.edu> for the following
    fixes, cleanups, and enhancements...
        - "lost timestamps" bug (SIGALRM/sleep()/usleep()/tcp_wrapper
        - compiler warnings, bad fileOpenFD tests, and ability to use
          a colon after an equal in the config file (LOGDIR=C:\Logs)
        - autologin fix for Solaris BSM support

Bryan Stansell