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Call for real-world site examples...

David K. Z. Harris zonker@esperanto.org
Sat, 14 Sep 2002 13:23:55 -0700 (PDT)

  Hi all,

  I'm wrapping up my slides for two half-day tutorials for LISA
this year (http://www.usenix.org/events/lisa2002/), and I'll be
discussing some interesting deployments of Conserver. While I have
three strong examples to discuss, I'm looking for a few more sites
to discuss as well. Can I discuss yours?

  I'm looking for some of the folks stretching the boundries a bit;

     - large sites (a few thousand consoles, and/or distributed mode)

     - critical sites (where Conserver is being used to help support
        and operate imporatant devices, like core servers for the
        phone or power companies...)

     - integration to other tools to monitor log files. (which tools?
        Was it out-of-the-box, or in-house custom code to tie the
        monitor to the logs. how successful has the integration been?)

     - sensitive sites, where you've deployed with security in mind,
        and how you deployed it (without breaching non-disclosure

     - how you sold your company to fund your deployment...

  I'm happy to keep your name (or campany name) out of the class,
but I'm looking for some more real-world examples to  discuss.
(Of course, if it's OK to mention you, or your site names, I'm
always happy to give proper credit for my sources. :-)

  Please email me this week if you want your [company] name on
the slides. You can also follow-up with me later, but I won't
be able to get them in the tutorial handouts or on the CD-ROM.

   Thanks for your consideration.