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Re: polling consoles

bryan bryan@conserver.com
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 20:52:08 -0700 (PDT)

actually, it was there before that...can't check on when it got into the
code, but 7.2.2 had it as well (heck, could have been there since 7.0.0).
the only sad part is that it will take a couple hours (for at least some
operating systems) for the keepalive packet to go out...would be
nice to have something a bit quicker.  but, at least it's something,
as you say.  ;-)


Quoting Corey Hirschman <corey@rentec.com>:
> As of version 7.2.4 conserver is actually using SOKEEPALIVE.  This
> explains that weird 2 hour behavior I was seeing.  If I killed the
> power
> on the console server and then powered it back up, I would get no
> logging for 2 hours.  Then a keepalive packet would be sent to all the
> connections that were marked as up.  Since they were really bad
> connections at that point, they would be marked as down.  Conserver
> would then do it's auto up and reestablish the connections.  So this
> pretty much takes care of polling the machines.  You do lose 2 hours of
> logging (unless you feel like playing with TCP), but that is better
> than
> it not coming up at all.
> Corey
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