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RE: macosx 10.2.1, getservbyname: conserver: Undefined error: 0

Stephen Bannasch stephen@concord.org
Tue, 5 Nov 2002 14:08:39 -0800 (PST)

At 1:56 PM -0800 11/5/02, Morris, Adam wrote:
>Greetings Stephen,
>	You can add an alias to /etc/hosts.  That should have lines like
>	localhost
>	frankenstein.mutant.net	frankenstein
>If you're only going to use console from the same machine then you can add
>it as an alias to the end of the localhost line.
>	localhost	console
>The appropriate name would be the name of the machine running the server.
>I hope that this helps,
>	Adam
>p.s. I've never used MacOS X, just various versions of Unix so I'm assuming
>that most of the same functionality is there.

Thanks Adam,

I went to /etc/hosts and in the comments it states that it is only used in single user mode and at other times the information is handled by lookupd which gets information from NetInfo.  I'm not familiar with lookupd and Netinfo so I'll need to dig  a bit.