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conserver 7.1.4 is available

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 03:11:32 -0800

It took a while longer than expected to get 7.1.4 together.  This was
*almost* going to be a release based fully on patches submitted by the
user base - something that I thought was very cool.  But then I started
adding some new features as well (based on suggestions from some of
you).  Hopefully you think it was worth the wait.  The man pages have
been updated to explain the new options and config file syntax.
Patches for man pages to add details or explain things clearly are
always welcome!  :-)

version 7.1.4 (Jan 21, 2002):
        - console -[PqQ] didn't work - patch by Han Pilmeyer
        - maxfiles() didn't check FD_SETSIZE - patch by Justin Grudzien
        - New -o and -O server flags for automatically reconnecting
          downed consoles - patch by Benn Oshrin <benno@columbia.edu>
        - Automatic reconnection of consoles on read failures, retried
          every minute
        - Up to nine break sequences can be defined in the
          configuration file and assigned to consoles individually,
          accessed via new ^ecl[?0-9] escape sequences
        - console logs are marked with "up" and "down" timestamps
    The following based on code by John R. Jackson <jrj@cc.purdue.edu>
        - sequential timestamps merged into one range during playback
        - timestamps done on "nice" boundaries (hour, minute, etc.)
        - lots of code cleanup, optimizations, etc.

Bryan Stansell