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Initial installation and configuration

David Harris zonker@certaintysolutions.com
Fri, 4 Jan 2002 12:41:17 -0800

  Another basic question...are you sure that your serial
ports are correctly configured? (Have you used TIP  to 
communicate with the attached host before starting Conserver?
Or, with conserver running, if you reset the host, do you
see console messages during the boot cycle? (Heck, even
with the host running, if you telnet to the host and then
SU to root, you should see a "su to root succeeded..."
message on the serial console.)

  In short, you should be sure that the serial connection
is working (data leads correctly connected, and port
speeds set to match) before spending a lot of time
hackiong with Conserver setting. :-)

  There are some basic serial clues on my Minor Scroll
of Serial Knowledge, if you'd care to check there;



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