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Re: conserver and gdb

Steve Lammert slammert@panasas.com
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 16:00:39 -0800 (PST)

Bryan Stansell wrote:

> ...
> if gdb did have the client code and someone else forcefully took over
> the console, gdb would be bumped into spy mode and, i assume, get out
> of sync with the debugged kernel...

Um.  Yes.  That would be a Bad Thing.

Of course, it would violate the Reasonable Person Principle for people 
to grab the console away.  Users should "spy" first (and, happily, this 
is the default behavior when you connect to an in-use console) and only 
force RW mode when appropriate, and be soundly drubbed otherwise.

But, down-ing the port would be an acceptable alternative, I think.  Not 
as convenient for developers (they have to remember port numbers, or 
know how to look them up) and, for sure, they wouldn't remember to "up" 
them afterwards, so logs would get stale... but it's worth writing up a 
few paragraphs and getting some developers to give it a whirl.

Thanks for the clear thinking on my problem, and for your other comments 
  as well!

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