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conserver-7.2.0-beta3 available (you'll really want this!)

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 14:33:38 -0800 (PST)

Well folks, it's finally here.  No more full restarts of conserver just
because you want to edit the config file!  I've personally been wanting
this since I started maintaining the code (about seven years ago!).
Now beta3 has the code required to do a full reconfiguration when you
send a HUP signal to the server.  Consoles that are removed (along with
their clients) get dropped, new consoles are added (managed by forking
off a new children), and changes to existing consoles are made with
only a possible console reset (by bringing it down and back up - all
clients stay connected).  The one exception to that last rule is that
if the console is managed by a new server, any existing clients have to
get bumped off.  All of this is done by tracking the console name, so
if you are renaming a console, it's like removing and adding a new
one.  That last bit is unfortunate, but the console name is the center
of everything and doing anything else just seemed like trouble.

As before, you can find the code at


or on the ftp server in the beta subdirectory.

I must thank Dave Stuit of GNAC for all his help and patience.  He
tested many versions of this beta release, found many bugs, and helped
make this a *much* more stable release than it would have been.  I
can't say there aren't any more bugs to find, but I'm hoping it's
limited to the bizarre edge cases.

Bryan Stansell