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Passing break...

Ross Parker parker@redback.com
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 11:41:23 -0800 (PST)

Hi, folks,

I'm slowly getting closer, I have 2-way communications happening now
to/from a console port on a system connected via a Xyplex terminal

The only thing I can't do is pass break properly. Here's the setup:

Xyplex 1620 terminal server, system console connected to one of the
serial ports. I can telnet to the port and generate a break by issuing
the telnet 'send break' command, so the terminal server end of things is

Xyplex's "csportd" application which sets up a pseudo tty that I can
talk to directly through conserver. 'csportd' allows setting the break
character to anything, I've verified that if I set the break character
to some simple string (like '123') I can connect using 'console' and
'conserver', enter '123' and generate a break on the system console, so
it looks like csportd is working ok. The default break character is the
Telnet break character, or '0xfff3'.

And of course conserver, which talks directly to the pseudo tty that
csportd sets up.

The part of the conserver code I'm going through is using tcsendbreak to
generate a break. I don't know much about the termios interface, it
appears to me that using tcsendbreak is not causing anything to happen
at the csportd side.

I am, naively, expecting 'csportd' to see a telnet break character
(0xfff3) when reading from the pseudo tty when conserver calls
'tcsendbreak'...  Is this truely naive, i.e. should csportd be looking
for something different, or ???

Lost at this point... I could, of course, modify conserver to send the
telnet break sequence when it sees the break command, but this seems
rather silly...



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