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Digi SCSI Terminal Server works fine now

Jeff Horn jeff.horn@nssl.noaa.gov
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 07:44:22 -0700 (PDT)

Duh!  It seems to work just fine if I use the /dev/cua devices.  I was
the /dev/sts devices created by the Digi drivers.  Thanks for the hint.

Here is the 'conserver -v -D' output just for grins (This is a Solaris 8

console: conserver -v -D
conserver (845): machine-1 is on /dev/cua/0 (9600 ) logged to
conserver (845): machine-2 is on /dev/cua/1 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): machine-3 is on /dev/cua/2 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): machine-4 is on /dev/cua/4 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): machine-5 is on /dev/cua/5 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): machine-6 is on /dev/cua/8 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): machine-7 is on /dev/cua/9 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): machine-8 is on /dev/cua/10 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): machine-9 is on /dev/cua/11 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): machine-10 is on /dev/cua/12 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): machine-11 is on /dev/cua/15 (9600p) logged to
conserver (845): DEBUG: Bind address set to `'
conserver (845): DEBUG: Access list prime: trust=a, who=
conserver (845): group 0 on port 32868
conserver (845): access type 'a' for ""

Bryan Stansell wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 02:52:50PM -0500, Jeff Horn wrote:
> > Has anyone successfully done this?  Could you tell me how?  I have
> > up the drivers supplied by Digi and can connect to these devices via

> > tip.  When I connect through the console program, I get an error
> > like "line is down" or something like that.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Jeff Horn
> >
> Well, if by 'STS' you mean a SCSI based server, then yes, it can work.

> I've set up a model ST-1610 on a Solaris host and it "just worked" by
> pointing conserver at the /dev/cua/ ports.
> Here are some sample entries:
> digi-8:/dev/cua/7:9600p:&:1h
> digi-9:/dev/cua/8:9600p:&:1h
> digi-10:/dev/cua/9:9600p:&:1h
> If it's not working, it would be nice to know what version of
> you're trying it with, what operating system your using, what your
> conserver.cf entries look like, and (if a recent version of conserver)

> 'conserver -v -D' output.
> Hope that helps.
> Bryan
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