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Re: Porting conserver to OpenSSL 1.1

John Stoffel john@stoffel.org
Fri, 28 Jul 2017 16:12:11 GMT

And my initial poking at this on Debian Jessie x86_64 ended in
failure, since I'm not running the sid and it's openssl-110 packages
anywhere yet.

Also, we will need to make sure that conserver using the new version
of openssl will be able to talk with clients/servers using the older
version of openssl as well.

>From looking at the discussions, as long as we don't have CTX
structures around, we should be ok.  And I suspect we will be ok.

And another thing, this patch also breaks compiles on openssl-1.0.x
systems, so that needs to be addressed down the line as well, with
some sort of switch of #ifdef to handle the transition cleanly.