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FTDI Consoles appear down

Marc Franquesa mark@l3jane.net
Fri, 1 Apr 2016 22:45:30 GMT

Hi all

After trashing with some traditional console servers (old refurbished
cyclades), I discovered conserver and give it a try to test it as a

Good software, almost everything I need and easy to access, so I started
to migrate my serial connections to conserver to finally power down the
cyclades and have a quite silent room ;)

Although I'm having some console issues, some consoles are considered
'down' while they're not. If I launch minicom (also tried screen)
directly to the serial port it works perfectly. I'm not using any
special configuration for any serial port (either on minicom or
conserver) a part from de baudrate.

After some tests and tried new devices/serial, identified that the the
consoles that are shown as 'down', all are based on FTDI chip, while the
ones that work are based on the Prolific PL2302 chip.

As all the 'down' FTDI devices work with minicom (but not with
conserver) I supose is due some obscure setting or some check that does
conserver that makes it consider them down although they are not.

So what can I try? How conserver decides a console is down? Is there any
special setting required for FTDI? or how can I check what is doing
minicom that doens't do conserver to open the serial port?

Thanks much