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How to make conserver prompt for login name when console to a system

huy dang hddang_1@yahoo.com
Mon, 1 Jun 2015 02:16:02 GMT


I am new to the Conserver application and would like some help on the issue that I am having.   I downloaded the conserver taz file and followed the installation instruction on a rhel7.0 system, system1.   The ‘make install’ went fine and I was able to start the conserver program on this server.    I then use a different session on system1 and run ‘console system2’ to try to connect to system2.   System2 is define in the conserver.cf file.   

I was able to console to system2 but it was using the account “conserver” as a login username on system2.   Because this ‘conserver’ account doesn’t exist there, it kept failing to login.    I then added the ‘conserver’ account to system2 with a password.   After that I was able to console to system2 and logged in successfully using the ‘conserver’ account.   Although I was able to log in I couldn’t su to root to do the root activities as I normally do.    I prefer not to add the 'conserver' account to any system that I wish to console in.  

So my question is how to make conserver use the root account to log in when console into a system?   Or how do I force it to prompt which login account to use?    I tried using the --with-pidfile=/var/run/root.pid  (example ./configure   --with-pidfile=/varrun/root.pid) and also added a ‘config’ in conserver.cf to “autocomplete no” but still can make it to prompt for login name.  

# console -l root system2
[Enter `^Ec?' for help]

Permission denied, please try again.
conserver:7000@'s password:

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.