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Re: Question about limiting rate of conserver output

John Stoffel john@stoffel.org
Thu, 15 Jan 2015 16:38:02 GMT

> I am writing because I would like to limit the output conserver
> writes to disk to a configurable amount per second, say like a
> serial line.

So are you wanting to discard output and just write every third line
or something?  Just slowing down the output isn't going to address the
problem here, which is too small space for logs.   

> My application captures messages from devices that can send output
> as fast as possible over a network and the resulting log files are
> larger than the storage available.

The problem is the storage size, not the devices.  How will slowing
down those devices make things work better?  

> I don't think a feature to limit conserver logs this is in the
> current code, correct?

> Could you suggest what part of the code to change? Even better, has
> somebody already solved my problem?

How about using the 'logfilemax' parameter from conserver.cf (see the
man page) and then have a cronjob which copies old log files over the
network to another system with more disk space.

Also, look at the 'timestamp' option, since you probably want to turn
that off as well.