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conserver 8.1.20 : CIDR doesn't work in allowed/trusted with IPv6 enabled

David P. Discher dpd@dpdtech.com
Mon, 20 Oct 2014 23:59:05 GMT

I think this “bug” (?) has been around for awhile, however the code to check for CIDR blocks in the allowed and trusted in the access {} block, is only in the #else for the ifdef defining IPv6.  

So, with IPv6 enabled, you can’t allowed things like  This is probably true for IPv6 address as well.

I don’t need IPv6, so I just dropped that support and IPv4 CIDRs are working now … but was a really strange one to debug. 

David P. Discher
AIM: DavidDPD | Y!M: daviddpdz 

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