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Conserver and ssh

Brandon Stout bstout@squareup.com
Mon, 21 Apr 2014 17:29:54 GMT

hello, I am trying to use conserver to connect to serial ports over ssh and it is hanging. When I go direct it works fine (i am using Opengear IMX4248):

[bstout@lab etc]$ ssh root@ -p 3002
cs02 login: 
cs02 login: 

from console it just hangs:
[bstout@akebia etc]$ console dr01.arista
[Enter `^Ec?' for help]

this is the only thing that shows up in the log file

[Mon Apr 21 10:19:25 2014] conserver (29839): [dr01.arista] login bstout@localhost
[-- bstout@localhost attached -- Mon Apr 21 10:19:25 2014]

this is the conserver.cf file

default full { rw *; }
default opengear  { type host; portbase 3000; portinc 1; } 
default * {
logfile /var/log/conserver;
timestamp 1hab;
include full;
master localhost;
default console01 { include opengear; host console01; }
console dr01.arista { include console01; port 1; }
console dr02.arista { include console01; port 2; }

when I change the portbase to be telnet (6000) it works fine so I know conserver is at least running correctly in the back. 

Has anyone gotten this to work using ssh?