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Re: conserver-8.1.20 freeipmi seems lack a send-break functionality

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Fri, 11 Apr 2014 18:18:20 GMT

Ooops!  Yep, sending of a break was totally overlooked.  Thanks for the patch.

I'll probably be releasing 8.1.21 "relatively soon" as there are quite a few contributions that have come in over the last week or so (this, a UDS enhancement, missing closedir(), and IPv6 code).  If anyone has anything else in the works, let me know and we can try and time things.


On Apr 11, 2014, at 12:57 AM, Alexander Y. Fomichev <git.user@gmail.com> wrote:

> New shiny 8.1.20 freeipmi implementation looks really great, tnx!
> At least i don't see this bunch of forked ipmitools any more :)
> But suddenly i found myself not capable to send sysrq with ipmi consoles.
> Though it seems could be fixed easily. A 5-min patch in attachement
> just calls ipmiconsole_ctx_generate_break instead of tcsendbreak
> (serial break) if we have IPMI and console is of IPMI type. It works
> at least for supermicro bmcs.
> -- 
> Best regards.
>       Alexander Y. Fomichev <git.user@gmail.com>
> <ipmi-con-break.patch>