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Conserver -> Unable to open vsp.

Gokula Giridaran gokulagiridaran@gmail.com
Wed, 4 Sep 2013 04:21:41 GMT

Dear all

This is the first time, I have setup conserver. I am trying to connect the ILO's using conserver. When I tried to connect, I am unable to see the login screen of the server, instead it goes to the ILO prompt.  Please advise,what is wrong here. 

 console server1
[Enter `^Ec?' for help]

[initializing -- use ^E c ? for help]
[initializing -- use ^E c ? for help]
[initializing -- use ^E c ? for help]
user@server1 password: [initializing -- use ^E c ? for help]
[initializing -- use ^E c ? for help]
[initializing -- use ^E c ? for help]

Permission denied, please try again.
user@server1-ilo's password:
User:user1 logged-in to server1-ilo.(
iLO 2 Advanced 2.15 at 14:50:37 Jan 17 2013
Server Name: server1
Server Power: On


From conserver.cf

default ilo-ssh-vsp {
        type exec;
        execsubst H=cs;
        exec ssh -o ConnectionAttempts=15 \\
                 -o ServerAliveInterval=15 \\
                 -i /home/rscadmin/.ssh/id_rsa user1@H;
        initcmd "/usr/local/etc/ilo-startvsp";
        logfilemax 4m;
        timestamp 10l;

console server1-ilo { include ilo-ssh-vsp; host x.x.x.14; aliases server1;}
console server2-ilo { include ilo-ssh-vsp; host x.x.x.15; aliases server2; }

Gokula Giridaran