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Re: Conserver from plan9?

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Sun, 2 Jun 2013 16:33:55 GMT

I haven't heard of anyone trying it on plan9 - and I have no clue if it will work (does it support POSIX calls?).

But if all you need is the client, you should be able to get away with some simple scripting.  You can interact with the conserver daemon via telnet - there's even a 'help' when you connect to show commands, etc.  Depending on if you have encryption, password requirements, etc the steps required will vary, but you basically login, ask for a console, and get a redirect to another port.  Then you the same steps talking to the new port number (which is a child of the main daemon) and you'll be connected.  As long as you're in character mode and not line mode (the default), you should be able to interact with the console and do most things.  Some features of conserver won't work as it uses an encoding to bury some of the client-server communication in the TCP stream.

I haven't tried interacting without the client in so long that I don't remember how easy or painful it really is.  But my gut says it should at least make the console as usable as a telnet to a term server.


On Jun 1, 2013, at 10:27 AM, Carl Zwanzig <cpz@tuunq.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Two related questions-
> Has anyone tried to compile the console client on plan9 (from bell labs http://plan9.bell-labs.com/plan9/)?
> How difficult is it to connect with a single console via netcat or equivalent and maybe some minor script magic?
> I have an environment where I'd like to use conserver to manage and log the serial consoles, but the developers occasionally need to connect the remote debugger, which is part of a plan9 development system. Right now, everybody telnets to a cisco2511; not optimal for managing things or catching the occasional panic. I'd like to switch us over but still need that direct access. There are a limited number of actual consoles, so it'll all easily fit on one master server.
> Thanks,
> z!
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