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Re: conserver (22474): ERROR: [trfw01a] connect(5): No route to host: forcing down

Zonker consoleteam@gmail.com
Tue, 9 Apr 2013 23:38:21 GMT

  Jason is on the right track.  As a Best Practice, my Conserver hosts use an /etc/host file, with all of my console servers (and other infrastructure listed)., and my resolv.conf file prefers the local file to network resources. (I do this, because I want this box to be one of the first things I bring up, along with console servers, *before* I start bringing of infrastructure switches and servers, so that I can log their startups.)

  Try nslookup for your console server names... if that fails, conserver won't be able to talk to them.

       Best regards,


On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 3:36 PM, Stout, Brandon <brandon@49ers.com> wrote:
does anyone know what this error means?

conserver (22203): ERROR: [trfw01a] connect(5): No route to host: forcing down

I am not sure if this is something internal to related to the application or if it has to do with DNS or something along those lines. 

Here is my conserver.cf

default cyclades        { type host; portbase 7000; portinc 1; }

break 1 { string "\z"; }
break 2 { string "\r\d~\d^b"; delay 600; }
break 3 { string "#."; }
break 4 { string "+\d+\d+"; delay 300; }
break 5 { string "\033c"; }

default * {
logfile /var/log/consoles/&;
timestamp 1hab;
rw *;
include full;
master localhost;

default cons01 {
include cyclades;
host cons01.fqdn.com;

console trfw01a { include cons01; port 2; }

access * {

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