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First time user having problems with common errors (getservbyname)

Chris Call chrispcallx@gmail.com
Tue, 27 Mar 2012 23:15:16 GMT

I am relatively new to linux and especially to conserver and I have
searched and read and can not find an answer to this question.

I recently installed conserver and I am trying to run it and I keep
getting the common (judging by the posts and FAQ) error of

Here is the output when I try to run conserver:

[Tue Mar 27 19:07:50 2012] conserver (2710): ERROR: ParseFile():
fopen(full;): No such file or directory
[Tue Mar 27 19:07:50 2012] conserver (2710): ERROR: ParseFile():
fopen(xyplex;): No such file or directory
[Tue Mar 27 19:07:50 2012] conserver (2710): ERROR:
getservbyname(conserver) failed

I looked around and saw a few things and tried to edit my
/etc/services and this is what I added:

# Local services
conserver       782/TCP                         #conserver

I also edited my /etc/hosts file and added this:   localhost.localdomain   localhost       conserver

Finally, since I have not seen many examples of sample configs and
such (I plan to make a tutorial after I get everything set up to help
future new (see dumb) users like myself)  I was wondering if conserver
will even do what I want.  I am trying to set up a spare laptop as a
server (running crunchbang) and have 3 USB-serial converters on it,
each going to a Cisco switch.  Then I want to "dial" in to conserver
so that I can access each cisco switch through it's console cable in
my garage test network.  I am using to study for CCNA.  Each
USB-serial device is currently working and they are /dev/ttyUSB0,
USB1, & USB2, respectively.  (If it is not possible to do this this
way, please let me know if at all possible.)

Thank you so much for any help that you can provide or answers to
these questions.