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Re: [Q] How to use conserver for raw DRAC/ILO/ILOM IP networked server?

Luke S. Crawford lsc@prgmr.com
Fri, 29 Jun 2012 21:00:04 GMT

even with DRAC, you can use serial redirection;  usually com2 is redirected
to the drac, then you can ssh in and access the serial port (I forget the
comand you issue once you have SSH'd into the drac)  

It's possible to configure conserver with ssh rather than telnet, which
sounds like what you'd need to do here;  I don't have instructions, though,
as I prefer to save the hundred bucks or whatever and get a server
without the DRAC.

(and while I've seen plenty of desktops without db9 serial ports, every
one of those desktop motherboards that i've seen had serial headers on 
the motherboard.  I've not seen servers without db9 serial ports.)  

On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 08:17:06PM +0000, Stanley Chen wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> As new conserver users subscriber, sorry to intrude with this question.
> I was not able to find mail archive information so I am just going to ask:
> The document is mainly for servers with serial port connection, since new H/W are moving to network based console (DRAC/IMPI/ILOM/ILO) and some even without a serial port anymore.
> Did anyone successfully setup conserve using raw IP connection to such servers ? If there was, can you please point me to the right URL or mail archive that had example or this information.
> Many thanks for your prompt response and help.