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Re: Password problem with conserver: New User

John Stoffel john.stoffel@taec.toshiba.com
Tue, 3 Apr 2012 15:50:09 GMT

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Call <chrispcallx@gmail.com> writes:

Chris> I posted earlier this week but with John Stoffel's help and
Chris> some reading and tweaking on my own (mostly John's help), I've
Chris> gotten pretty far with conserver but ran into another problem.

Chris> I am using crunchbang as both the conserver server and console
Chris> machine on port 862 (burned that port in when I compiled
Chris> conserver) and when I compiled it, I used the IP address
Chris> instead of "crunchbang" (PCs hostname) of as the
Chris> "master"

Instead of using the loopback IP address, try instead with the IP
address of your crunchbang box, which I assume is 192.168.1.x or
something like that.  Or even just the name of your host, since you
define it as 'crunchbang' in the conserver.cf file.

Then, when you connect using 'console switch1', run it as a regular
user and authenticate with your regular user password instead.
Conserver does all it's authentication through the regular Unix user
routines.  Because your config allows anyone read write (rw *) it
should just work.

Chris> Now, when I run conserver with this command: conserver# console -D -p
Chris> 862 -M switch1

Don't run it as root, run it as your regular unix username.  Also,
just do:

     console -p 862 switch1

and it should prompt you for your unix password, which you enter and
then you should be all set.