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Re: Cyclades ACS6000 Config Assistance

Zonker consoleteam@gmail.com
Thu, 27 Oct 2011 23:29:21 GMT

  I'm happy to help (I've got SLC 16, 32, 48's, and ACS2000s').

  If you want to share a bit of your conserver.cf file (the "defailts" at the top, and the first 5-10 lines of a working and a non-working console server) should help get us started.

  I'll start... I use a lot of comments, for the folks who will come after me... I'm guessing it will be an issue in the port increments.

### define some terminal server specifics
# we set portbase and portinc so we can reference the ports in a
# physical representation and let conserver do the math to figure
# out the actual socket address

default cisco           { type host; portbase 2000; portinc 1; }
## cicso use port 2000 for telnet, 4000 for extended telnet, 6000 for raw

default cyclades        { type host; portbase 7000; portinc 1; }
## cyclades use port 7000 for telnet sessions

default lantronix       { type host; portbase 2000; portinc 1; }
## the new lantronix (SLC units) can use
#### 2000.. for telnet, 3000.. for ssh, and 4000.. for raw
## the old lantronix (ETS32PR units in the labs) use
#### 2000.. for telnet, 3000.. for raw

default Opengear        { type host; portbase 6000; portinc 1; }
## Tested with the SD4002, CM4008, ACM-5004
### 2000.. for telnet, 3000.. for ssh, and 4000.. for Raw,
### 6000.. for Unauthenticated Telnet

  And, for a console server;

default tvists5-3 {
        include lantronix;
        host tvists5-3;
#console unused-ts5-3-1 { include tvists5-3; port 1; }  # this is the console
console unused-ts5-3-2  { include tvists5-3; port 2; }
console unused-ts5-3-3  { include tvists5-3; port 3; }

default tvists6-20 {
        include cyclades;
        host tvists6-20;
console teama23 { include tvists6-20; port 1;}
console teama24 { include tvists6-20; port 2;}
consoleteama25 { include tvists6-20; port 3;}

      Let me know if this helps.


On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 4:15 PM, Randall Chuck <randall.a.chuck@gmail.com> wrote:
I've got conserver running with Lantronix SLC NTS. We're now getting some Avocent Cyclades ACS6000s. 
I don't get any response when connecting to these new NTSs via conserver.
telneting direct to the cyclades-host port-num works

Anybody have this setup and can give me a clue?

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