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Running SSH as an executable console.

Robin Ridler robin.x.ridler@oracle.com
Tue, 2 Aug 2011 11:11:58 GMT

Title: signature

I am trying to use conserver to connect to the SPs of some blade systems using ssh.  However I keep getting this error in the log file.

[Tue Aug  2 12:05:31 2011] conserver (6739): ERROR: GetPseudoTTY(): open(/dev/pts/30): Permission denied
[Tue Aug  2 12:05:31 2011] conserver (6739): ERROR: [nt6340-tvp540-a.uk] failed to allocate pseudo-tty: Permission denied: forcing down

Has anybody seen this before ?

Here is the console config entry.

console nt6340-tvp540-a.uk {
    include localconsole;
    type exec;
    exec /usr/bin/ssh -lroot nt6340-tvp540-a-sp.uk;
    logfile /var/adm/console/nt6340-tvp540-a.uk;
    rw nt6340-tvp540-a.uk;

Many thanks


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