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Re: Script Exit/Reinitialization

Ben Batten benbatten@gmail.com
Wed, 30 Sep 2009 14:24:28 GMT

> Hi,
>> - pass or embed a console-exit -- "^Ec." -- through a forced ssh
>> command.  Ie., running a forced script (menu) and an option is to exit
>> and thereby close the console.  Like an expect line or something
>> similar?
> not sure what you mean by "forced script (menu)", but for what it's worth
> I've got two very simple expect scripts to up and down a console

Forced commands are a feature of SSH, you can force a user to only run
a script or program at login.  One can force a user to only run a
script/command or do other things and exit from the system when done.

>> - or is there a way to simply disable the reinitialization or limit it
>> to a single ondemand initialization?
>> sure is - check out the conserver.cf manpage

I've been up and down the manpage and I see some things that control
the initialization but nothing jumps out at me other than "autoreinit"
... I tried "!autoreinit" and that didn't work.  I see the spin
configuration options, is that what you're talking about.  It's not
clear to me how to configure it.  I'll experiment but if anyone has
any tips or pointers for configuring those that would be great.

Again, thanks!