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bug in line handling?

Arthur Clune ajc22@york.ac.uk
Mon, 9 Nov 2009 15:15:08 GMT


We've now using conserver with over 200 consoles all logging to one conserver server. It all works really well except that sometimes combined.log gets a little confused. This causes us some issues as we use combined to log to do alerts, paging etc.

The usual trigger is a box doing a kernel panic spewing stuff to the console. We then see cases wheere there's a missing newline in combined.log. Here's an example:

host1*: setkey setup shade splashimage ESC [25lESC [14;01HeadESC [14;05HrebootESC [14;12HrootESC [14;17HrootnoverifyESC [14;30HsavedefaultESC [14;42HserialESC [14;49HsetkeyESC [14;56HsetupESC [14;62HshadeESC [14;68HsplashimageESC[25hESC[14;80HESC[14;01HESC[15;01Hterminal terminfo testload testvbe unhide uppermem vnasaaa2*: beprobe viewportESC [25lESC [15;01HterminalESC [15;10HterminfoESC [15;19HtestloadESC [15;28HtestvbeESC [15;36HunhideESC [15;43HuppermemESC [15;52HvbeprobeESC[15;61HviewportESC[25hESC[15;69HESC[15;01HESC[16;01H ESC [16;01HESC [17;01HESC [17;01Hgrub > host2: Nov 6 09:13:08 szs3.york.ac.uk last message repeated 1 time^M

As you can see there should be a newline before "host2: ".



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