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Re: Conserver through a proxy server?

John Stoffel john.stoffel@taec.toshiba.com
Thu, 7 May 2009 20:34:21 GMT

Zonker>   Here's some more info...given that I can't talk about some
Zonker>   specifics.  :-)

Heh, security through obscurity.  :]

Zonker>   For simplicity, let's call my conserver the "Lab", and the
Zonker> other one is "Other"...

Zonker>   The Other conserver shares a subnet with a group of console
Zonker> servers. There is no router there. (I found this out after my
Zonker> last message...) So, the Other conserver host has two legs,
Zonker> one for the Management Net, and the other to the console
Zonker> servers.

Zonker>     * I was trying to get access to two console servers
Zonker> directly, to access one port on each, while the Other
Zonker> conserver would still have control of all the other ports. (I
Zonker> knew that there was no VPN gear terminating on that console
Zonker> server net. I was thinking I needed a proxy, so I could get
Zonker> through their router...but there isn't one.) OK, I can't get
Zonker> there from here. :-(

Umm... why?  If you've already got a conserver Other managing ports on
that subnet, why the need for "Lab" to access "Other" ports? 

Zonker>     ** Due to security policies, I can't get a non-person
Zonker> account on the Other conserver, so my monitoring host cannot
Zonker> try to access the Other conserver to do tests. :-(

Zonker>     BUT, my Lab conserver CAN access hosts on the subnet with
Zonker> the two hosts that I care about, so I'm going to buy an 8-port
Zonker> BREAK-safe console server, and get another IP on that subnet.

Zonker>   One of the hosts I care about is relatively critical to
Zonker> day-to-day operations, so I need a BREAK-safe answer. And, I
Zonker> also can't put another conserver on that host...when I need it
Zonker> (to diagnose a problem on that host), it may be unavailable.

Zonker>   The second host will be a newer replacement for the first
Zonker> host. While it's not mission-critical YET, it will be critical
Zonker> before the other machine can be decommissioned (so, it's also
Zonker> not a good candidate to an alternate conserver host). Both
Zonker> servers are SUN hardware.

So basically, it sounds like you're trying to setup a conserver for
the production WAN network which is firewalled off.  And manage it
from your Lab network.  

Honestly, it doesn't make sense to make to do it this way, but I'm
sure politics and management play into this.  

Zonker>   I'm sorry that I've missed the LISA hallway track the past
Zonker> couple years.  But if anyone will be laying over in the SF Bay
Zonker> Area sometime, let me know, and we'll try to catch up in
Zonker> person again.

Yeah, I agree.  I'm bummed I've missed LISA in general the past few
years.  Maybe once this recession is over (and my kids are a little
older) I'll be able to make these again.