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Re: conserver ?

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Tue, 2 Jun 2009 20:34:20 GMT

There isn't direct support for that, but I have seen folks use a script
(or actual compiled program) as a shell for a user, that then fires the
console client with the appropriate argument (to get to a specific
port).  That way, when you authenticate with a particular user, it
automatically runs 'console <foo>' and when you exit, you're logged out.
I suppose if you name the account the same as the console, you could use
the username as the argument.  There's a 'limited' option in the
conserver.cf to list users that aren't allowed specific actions, so they
can't switch to other consoles, invoke local commands, etc (just for
this purpose).

As for Windows, the current solution is to install cygwin and compile
conserver for that...it works fine.  You just have a little extra
overhead of the cygwin environment to deal with.

There are other tools, like ser2net, that present a serial port as a
network connection.  I don't know of anything that does SSL directly,
but there's this post about using stunnel to wrap around ser2net:


There's no authentication there, but perhaps with the proper use if
client certificates, you could at least gain some level of protection.

I hope that helps.


On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 11:50:21PM -0400, Don Clark wrote:
> First let me start by I am new to conserver and I have it setup and
> working with the console client. But is there a way to setup conserver
> so I can ssh directly to a serial port? Or is there a console client for
> Windows(sorry but I have a few windows boxes)? A good example would be I
> what to ssh to /dev/ttyMI0, so I was thinking I would ssh to the
> conserver server on port 2000 and that port would direct me
> to /dev/ttyMI0
> Thanks in advance,
> Don
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