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Re: Will conserver work for me...

Chris Fowler cfowler@outpostsentinel.com
Wed, 29 Oct 2008 20:41:39 GMT

Run conserver with a multi-port serial board under UNIX not Windows and
you'll be fine.

McCann, Brian wrote:
I stumbled upon conserver, and before I go through the work to compile it and setup a machine for it, I was wondering if someone can confirm this for me.

Some back story...I currently have a Windows machine with ~50 serial ports on it...each of the ports connect to various devices....servers, routers, switches, etc.  I wrote a small Python program (one per port) to log each of the ports to a txt file, it lets me "telnet" to the server and send/receive to a specific serial port for managing the various devices.  But...I'm not a programmer and it works like crap...when I connect to a port, it pegs one of the cpus since I can't work out some of the loops.

What I'd like to do is replace my crappy software with conserver on an OpenSolaris box.  Can I configure conserver to do the same thing?  My ultimate goal is to be able to connect over SSH (preferably) or telnet, login, pick a port to 'connect to', and be able to control that device.  (I tried conserver under Cygwin...and it LOOKED like I could do this...but I wasn't sure since I can't figure out how to access the serial ports under Cygwin...

So again...before I go through the work of building a new machine and configuring it to only find out it won't do what I want....is this doable with conserver?


Brian McCann
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