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Odd ctrl-s problem.

Peter Saunders pajs@fodder.org.uk
Wed, 6 Feb 2008 03:00:55 -0800 (PST)

Recently, we restarted conserver, (Killed the parent, waited for the
children to exit) - and then started conserver again.

Somewhere between shutting conserver down, or starting it up again, a
significant number of our machines had "ctrl s" sent to the console,
blocking all future /dev/console output. This in turn then caused some
apps that were writing log messages to the console to then block, and
to stop working.

The only common thing we have noticed so far is that the only machines
that seem to have suffered, are the ones we make an ssh connection with.
(We use exec "ssh -c 3des user:port@hostname", followed by an initcmd
which echo's the password to the console).

Has anyone seen of this issue before? Obviously, I have no idea if it
was conserver, ssh, or the terminal server that caused this - but it
happened at the time conserver was restarted.

As for possible workarounds, does anyone see an issue with sending a ^s
with in the "idlestring" ?

Many Thanks