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RE: digi term server

Brodie, Kent brodie@mcw.edu
Thu, 3 May 2007 13:14:10 -0700 (PDT)

This is going to be model specific, but basically what you need to do is
CHANGE the escape sequence for the port.   You will want to change it to
some odd control character(s) that are never normally used for the host
or OS you're connecting to.

According to a simple search I did on digi's site, I found the following
for their portserver/Digi-one line:

Not Able to Use the Arrow or Escape Keys When Connecting Through a
PortServer/Digi One TS Unit.
Telnet to the unit and login as root from a UNIX or DOS command line:

telnet (ip_of_unit)

A user will need to be added with the escape key settings changed 
#> set user name= telnetesc=^o connectesc=^z

This will change the telnet escape character from ^] to ^o and the
connectesc to ^z, for whichever user is having this problem. Note that
you will not be able to change this for the root user. If you were using
user "root" to do your testing, try creating a user named "test", then
make the change for that user and test to see if the problem is fixed.

Kent C. Brodie - brodie@phys.mcw.edu
Department of Physiology
Medical College of Wisconsin
(414) 456-8590

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This isn't a conserver spacific question, but I figured this may be a 
good place to get an answer.  I'm using a digi terminal server to 
connect to a Sun box to do a Solaris install.  The digi uses the <esc> 
key to escape back to it's menu.  The problem is I need the <esc> key 
during the install.  Does anyone know how I can get an <esc> sent to the

terminal?  I've tried hitting the <esc> key twice and just about 
everything else I can think of.  Any help is appreciated.

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