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RE: [PATCH] Power control

Michael Silberman \(msilberm\) msilberm@cisco.com
Fri, 29 Jun 2007 13:55:00 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Rich,
  If you do a search on your favorite search engine for " remote
controlled power" you will find a large array or such creatures for
prices in the hundreds to thousands. For example these guys have them
for a few hundred
http://www.dataprobe.com/products/power/iboot/ibootac/index.html. If you
want anything less expensive you'll have to go to Radio Shack to find it
or possibly solder up the components yourself. I recall that the circuit
you are looking for can be found online too, just don't recall where.

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> Somewhat off topic, but has anyone modded a power strip so 
> it's outlets could be remotely controlled, or are you all 
> using pre-purchased power strips with serial interfaces?  The 
> ones I've looked at are way too expensive for home use....I'd 
> like something I could use to remote-reboot my systems with 
> at home when I'm traveling, but it's not worth $1k or more.  :)
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> Christopher Fowler wrote:
> > I did this a while back with our version of 7.X.  Instead of it 
> > executing an external power command it send a message to a 
> daemon that 
> > was responsible for chatting with various power strips.  
> The problem 
> > with supporting different vendors of strips is that they each have 
> > their own access method.
> Yes, I'm using our fence scripts from our cluster product to 
> do the work of talking to the different power strips.  Did 
> you ever post your patches for inclusion?  I just want power 
> control from conserver and to not have to maintain a patch 
> going forward. :-)
> > The powerd daemon was responsible for knowing what strip 
> was on what 
> > serial power and would char with the strip to execute the power 
> > command.  To the user it was off,on,and reboot.  Regardless if you 
> > were using APC, Baytech, etc.  As long as powerd had 
> support for that 
> > model of strip then you could control it via conserver.
> >
> > I did add a feature that would make sure that the user had 
> R/W on the 
> > console and power control capability on the console.  If 
> not they were 
> > sent a message from conserver that they did not have 
> sufficient rights 
> > to control power on that device.
> >
> > Being able to control power from console is an amazing 
> benefit.  I've 
> > used it many times to rescue systems in trouble.
> >
> >
> >   
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