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Re: ERROR: getservbyname(conserver) failed

Chris Ross cross+conserver@distal.com
Tue, 26 Jun 2007 05:24:50 -0700 (PDT)

On Jun 26, 2007, at 5:08 AM, Fabien Wernli wrote:

The hostname of my conserver is 'consrv'.
I run conserver using '-p 33000 -d'.

I always get the following error:

| ERROR: getservbyname(conserver) failed

This has often confused me when running conserver, because the program, often times the system, and the service port are all carrying the same name. :-) The above error is actually the last. It's complaining that it can't find an entry in /etc/services to map the name "conserver" to a port number (typically, 782/tcp). I'm curious that you see this error even when specifying the port to use via the "-p" argument, but...

This, and many other common problems, are mentioned in the conserver FAQ, which can be found at:


Even if I try to compile conserver using --with-master=consrv
Now if I try to run conserver using '-M consrv', I get:

| ERROR: inet_aton(consrv): invalid IP address

(This is a DNS error, I think. At least, I'm not sure, but I didn't think -M only knew how to take IP addresses... Is consrv able to be resolved via DNS by other tools?)

Good luck...

- Chris