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RE: Line send delay (I've seen the problem)

tschei@bluewin.ch tschei@bluewin.ch
Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:38:40 -0800 (PST)

Dear All,

following your conversation about the send line delay issue, I feel 
very much "at home" when linking this issue to CISCO devices.
It appears, that the "send line delay" or "send character delay" 
function is very well known in Windows utilities like Hyperterm or
SecureCRT (closed source). The cut & paste feature is really great 
on CISCO, as long as you don't have configs or ACL's so long that
they fill the buffer on the router/switch and mess up the device 
into an unknown state that needs a reset of the system. This case 
conserver as reliable solution to do updates or maintenance on 
remote accessed systems, because you always have to worry.
In my opinion it would be a great enhancement to get an option 
inside conserver to enable/disable the delay when needed. It doesen't 
if an update would take a couple of minutes longer, if somebody 
could rely on the fact, that there wasn't an overflow preventing a 
successful upgrade.

Thanks for your thoughts,