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Telnet, again...

Moacir Ferreira MFerreira@comstore.pt
Mon, 4 Sep 2006 07:04:28 -0700 (PDT)

I have set a small lab to test conserver for my needs. The setup is quite simple: a standard PC, loaded with CentOS (Linux kernel 2.6), 2 serial ports (com-1 and com-2), 2 switches for testing the console access. Everything works great when using the console client. Almost the same for the telnet, I can log in, use the escape sequence to “call” a port and finally use the same escape sequence to connect (“^Ec;”). However, when I start using the connection it works like if I where pressing the enter key twice… This happens only when I connect to any equipment console. If I crossover the two serial ports, it works well.


My conserver (version 8.1.14) conserver.cf :


default * {

        logfile /var/consoles/&.log;

        timestamp 1hab;

        rw *;

        master localhost;

        baud 9600;

        parity none;

        options !ixon, !ixoff;

        host unused;


console s1 { type device; device /dev/ttyS0; }

console s2 { type device; device /dev/ttyS1; }


access * {





Any hint? Is it a bug or a bad configuration?




Moacir Ferreira