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RE: syslog facility and conserver

Phillip Pacheco ppacheco@genesyslab.com
Mon, 20 Nov 2006 17:10:34 -0800 (PST)

Ok, so I acted in haste.  Just after sending this message I found what I think is the answer.  I searched for /syslog in the man page without result.  But if I searched for log, I would have found this:


# man conserver

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conserver                                            CONSERVER(8)



     conserver - console server daemon

     -u          Send  unloved  console  output  to   conserver's

                 stdout  (which, in daemon mode, is redirected to

                 the logfile).  This applies to all  consoles  to

                 which   no  user  is  attached,  independent  of

                 whether  logging  of  individual   consoles   is

                 enabled via conserver.cf entries.


     -Ulogfile   Copy all console data to  the  ``unified''  log-

                 file.   The output is the same as the -u output,

                 but all consoles, not just those without a user,

                 are  logged.   Each  line  of output is prefixed

                 with the console name.  If a  user  is  attached

                 read/write,  a  `*'  is  appended to the console

                 name, to allow log watching utilites  to  ignore

                 potential user-introduced alarms.



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Subject: syslog facility and conserver


Conserver users,


I am about to configure Conserver 8.1.14 on Solaris.  I will be using it to control the ports on several Cyclades TS2000’s.  Currently we are using conserver 7.x on FreeBSD, which I did not setup.


I am interested in configuring conserver to log messages from console clients which write to the console.  As I understand it, conserver holds open the port of any device in the configuration file.  Does it also listen on these ports, and can it write output to syslog?  If so, what are the configuration parameters? 


I hate to ask questions to which the answers are easily available in the MAN pages, but I could not easily find these answers and the boss awaits results.  I even looked over my accumulation of email from users@conserver.com with no luck.


Thanks for your help.


Phillip Pacheco