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conserver problem with 8-port rocket board

John Newman jnn@webii.net
Wed, 24 May 2006 12:29:31 -0700 (PDT)


I've got the PCI rocket board working great and conserver working great,
but only when using the command line console program.  When I connect
remotely to my conserver port I can succesfully login and issue the
call command, which returns the appropriate port (theoretically) for
connecting to that port over the network.


telnet console XXX
Escape character is '^]'.
login user
passwd? console2
call ttyR0
 (close telnet)

telnet console 53768
Escape character is '^]'.
login user
passwd? console2
call ttyR0

( from here I can enter text all day long, but I never get anything
  back from the server)

However, if I just do a 'console ttyR0' from the command line on the
console server everything works fine, my serial connection to the SPARC
comes up just fine.

The console server itself is a Linux box running redhat FC5, conserver
8.1.14, with a 2.6 kernel and the latest rocketport driver for the
serial card.

Anyone seen anything similar?  It's not a deal breaker but I've liked
and used the remote feature of conserver in the past and am just curious
why it isn't working.

FYI, ttyR0 refers to this entry in my conf file:

console ttyR0 {
        master localhost;
        type device;
        device /dev/ttyR0;
        baud 9600;
        parity none;

The remote part of the conf file looks like this:

access * {
		allowed xx.xx.xx.xx;    (replaced xx.xx.xx.xx with my trusted ip)

And my conserver.passwd has this entry, which allows me to authenticate:

Like I said, running 'console ttyR0'  (or console whatever_interface)
from the command line works great... so it's puzzling why this isn't
working over the network.

thanks for any pointers,

John Newman
Systems Administrator, WebXess Inc.