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RE: integration with HP's iLo ?

Christopher Fowler cfowler@outpostsentinel.com
Tue, 8 Aug 2006 06:28:19 -0700 (PDT)

Conserver as far as I know will not automate any of this for you.
It can fire off an ssh client to the iLO board but you'll have to
manually enter a password with the console program at connect.  This
will be a PITA.

The one thing I never liked about iLO was that it was oriented for one
server.  HP might have created enterprise level software that allows for
a central point of management of a data center with 100s of these
servers but when I evaluated them there was nothing.  I had to manually
connect with a browser to each one and keep a list of IPs on a sheet of
paper for each board.  Not effective in a large data center.

Here is what I would do if you want conserver to connect to the console
port of the server.

1.  Setup serial console on Linux.
2.  Setup bios redirection to serial on server
3.  Attach a serial cable from multi-port IO board
    to the serial port.

Now if you do not want to invest in a 32 port board and server to
be your console server then the next step is to write a front end
to ssh and have conserver execute it.  It will then log into te board
and execute the serial client.  I would write this in PERL.

On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 22:55, Jim Corrigan wrote:
> The developers should be able to allow conserver to make an ssh connection
> to an address as easily as they allow an ssh connection to port on a
> terminal server.
> I could look at the code but the conserver developers would be much better
> resource than me.
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> Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 10:47 PM
> To: Jim Corrigan
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> Subject: Re: integration with HP's iLo ?
> Jim Corrigan wrote:
> > The ILO may be configured to accept telnet or ssh connections; once
> > connected the serial port maybe accessed via vsp program and some folks
> > launch remcons; I believe remcons requires that linux systems be in init
> > level 3.
> So I guess where I'm stuck is in figuring out how to launch ssh and 
> start remcons all from within conserver.