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RE: integration with HP's iLo ?

Jim Corrigan corrigan@KiNETWORKS.com
Mon, 7 Aug 2006 18:03:17 -0700 (PDT)

The ILO may be configured to accept telnet or ssh connections; once
connected the serial port maybe accessed via vsp program and some folks
launch remcons; I believe remcons requires that linux systems be in init
level 3.

To set up the serial port for use with vsp:

The new versions of ilo also support SMASH or a subset of SMASH. 

In our MO product we connect to the ssh port via our ssh access method and
perform data logging. 

Please note as well that there is a bug with ssh on the current ilo firmware
if coming from FC-5 or SUSE 10+ or Solaris 10 ssh. The workaround does not
work for Solaris 10, BTW. See details on the ssh workaround just below.

We have also worked out a mechanism to send a number of XML commands
directly to the ILO if you want to automate or centrally control your ILOs.
The link for the XML scripts is:

A good general page for ILOs:


Details on the ssh workaround:


I followed the instructions and created a file ~/.ssh/ilo on my Fedora Core
5 systems and did "ssh -F ~/.ssh/ilo" where the ~/.ssh/ilo has one line in
it ForwardAgent no

And it worked; I had tried changing the ssh_config but that did not work.
The workaround WORKS!

The error message looks like this:

 -bash-3.00# ssh demo2ilo
root@demo2ilo's password:
dispatch_protocol_error: type 100 seq 7
buffer_get: trying to get more bytes 4 than in buffer 0

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On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 16:27 -0700, matthew zeier wrote:
> Has anyone a working config to work with HP's iLo?  I have a number
> of 
> machines running Linux and would love to log console output.

The iLo's that I've dealt with were ethernet based and required a web
browser.  Can to telnet directly to the card and gain access to the
serial console?

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