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using conserver to link vmware virtual machines to Raritan console servers

elmars . ositis elmars.ositis@hvb.lv
Fri, 28 Apr 2006 05:50:37 -0700 (PDT)


I have beent rying to get conserver to work as a go-between for a vmware serial port (named pipe) link and a Raritan console server. Unlike other console servers raritan only supports ssh connections and which are difficult to remotely attach. I have managed to get conserver to connect to a port on the Raritan and now am trying to get the vmware named pipe to connect to the conserver named pipes.

The vmware serial port (linux GSX) creates a single named pipe, but the conserver creates two named pipes, I presume one for input the other for output. Here is my conserver.cf file:

lvsrv05:/vmware/images/other # more /etc/conserver.cf
default full {
        rw *;
default * {
        logfile /var/log/conserver/&;
        timestamp "";
        include full;
console node1 {
        master localhost;
        type exec;
        exec /usr/bin/ssh -l dominion -t "sconsole -u admin -a xxxxxxx -p 1";
access * {

When using 'console node1' the console properly connects to the Raritan and gives me direct access to the port. Rather than using the console, I would like to link the vmware serial port to the conserver named pipes. Within the virtual machine I will be running a legacy app on windows NT which will connect to some equipment linked to the Raritan. The legacy app will then monitor the remote hardware.

Alternatively, if anyone has heard of a way to redirect an NT com port to ssh, I would be glad to hear from you.



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